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Liz Miller

My 2015 trip to Cuba with Link2Culture was a unique opportunity to see Cuba before Starbucks and McDonalds indelibly change the cultural landscape. For travelers who love authenticity and discovery – Cuba offers both. Link2Culture provided a wonderful entrée to the magic and complexity of Cuba. Our chaperone’s knowledge of the language, history, and culture provided both access and context for our trip. Whether dining at a paladar (private restaurant) in Havana Viejo, dancing to Cuban salsa at La Bodeguita del Medio, or visiting the gorgeous Vinales valley, his knowledge and enthusiasm were indispensable in making this a most memorable trip!

Gary Smith

The trip to Cuba was an amazing eye opening experience to see how Cubans truly are and not through the distorted lense of history and misrepresentations. At the same time, much of the inequity we understand to exist in Cuba truly does. I am so grateful for Roger Ortiz and Link2Cultures for creating these trips and for helping me celebrate my 50th Birthday in a Country that I long been fascinated by.

Other thoughts:
The beautiful people and Country of Cuba is something Americans should see as what we think Cuba is all about is not the full story.. . from the amazing architecture to the food, music, and street life… just beautiful.

Robert Neuman

After hearing about Cuba over the years, it was a thrill to have my preconceptions blown away.  The trip was beautifully planned and our group got to see things most don’t.  Awesome scenery, architecture, and the people are an absolute delight.  This company’s tours are absolutely the best way to go!

Linda Montana

Traveling to Cuba with Link2cultures was a joy!  ‎We were safe, had a great time and saw Havana before it changes. Roger, our chaperone, created a wonderful itinerary and custom fitted it to our desires. We had a bus, driver and a wonderful bilingual guide. The food was super at the various homes. The sights were very interesting. I loved the ballet performance. Great trip especially because of Roger‘s knowledge, caring and organizational skills: he is really fun! I highly recommend traveling with Link2cultures!

Stan Mazin

I can honestly say Link2cultures organized a fantastic trip for my group to Cuba.  We wanted to see it before it’s ‘spoiled’ and we feel that we saw everything! Accommodations were fabulous, we ate at the best paladares, and saw the best shows.  Our chaperone organized an unforgettable experience.  Every person in our group loved the trip.  I highly recommend Link2cultures to anyone and everyone interested in going to Cuba before it changes forever! Truly a 5 out of 5 experience!

Edith G

I have always been curious about Cuba.  Heard about its architecture,  Afro-Jazz  music and renovated 50’s cars.  Loved the warmth of the Cuban people.  Link2cultures   provided an unforgettable  experience in every way.   I  would  only recommend Link2cultures to anybody that wants to visit Cuba!

Ever Duran

Family and friends ask me what I like the most about my Cuba experience and I had to really think of a way to describe it. It’s hard to describe, Was it the place? The people? or the music? I believe, for me,  it was more of a spiritual experience.  To see how Cubans have so little yet they find happiness in their everyday life. There is music every where! Don’t look for these experiences, they will find you! Last but not least , having Roger as our tour guide. He will treat you like a friend and not a client and go out of the way to make you comfortable and happy . He is truly special . Thanks Roger and Link2cultures for an amazing experience!

Jim S

I recently had the privilege and pleasure to visit Cuba under the auspices of Roger Ortiz and his “Link2Cultures.” Since Cuba has been unavailable for most of my adulthood, you could say it was “the trip of a lifetime.”  Roger was the perfect guide and host: young, smart, energetic, bi-lingual of course, and fun. He put together a diverse package that gave us an overview of what Cuban life is like, including memorable meals at family-run restaurants (paladars) with plenty of great music. And we learned so much. Yes, the people have endured decades of deprivation on many levels, but one is immediately struck by their resilience, ingenuity, optimism and kindness. All qualities possessed in spades by our local guide, Ileana, whose beauty and humor made her the star of the whole show for me. And let me add that there was plenty of flexibility in the schedule to accommodate for unexpected weather and/or personal preferences. For instance, one night, some members of the group wanted to see the Cuban National Ballet, while others preferred a Vegas-style show. No problem. So, all in all, it was a deeply rewarding trip, with lots of mojitos and laughs mixed in with a sober contemplation of what a tough and richly-gifted people have had to endure.

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